Are you someone that specializes in decorative arts and ceramics? If so, we have found the perfect internship for you as a Conservation Intern for the Windsors.

The royal family recently put out a job posting on their website that states, “As part of our team at Marlborough House Workshops, you’ll gain practical experience in a wide range of conservation activities for our collection of ceramics and decorative art.”

They also add, “You’ll learn various traditional techniques, covering assembling, filling, retouching and preparation. You’ll also assist with drafting reports and determine your own treatment options for ceramics and decorative surfaces. Above all, you’re eager to immerse yourself in the unique learning opportunities that the collection presents.”

The former royal residence of Queen Mary houses an incredibly unique collection that will give the intern the opportunity to work with “beautiful” works of art. The royal family is looking for someone with a “keen” interest in conservation and the Royal Collection itself.

The lucky intern will work 37.5 hours per week, Monday through Friday They will be employed from January 2018 through September 2018, earning them an annual salary of £19,012.50, or about $25,100.

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