Things might have gone differently for the dog that was once thought of as “too energetic.” Rocket was in a shelter awaiting euthanasia. If he would have been put down, he would have never been able to realize the potential that he is today. He is saving lives in Texas and we’re thankful that he’s there.

I don’t know what it is about a dog that is too energetic. But it appears that people were passing by this energetic dog to take home dogs that had less enthusiasm and seemed more manageable. Then, someone found Rocket worthy.

A Dog Facing Euthanasia

When the Sacramento SPCA put him on the euthanasia list, there were staff who believed in him. They thought he would make a great search dog. So, they contacted the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and it actually turned out that volunteer Andrea Bergquist took it upon herself to adopt him.

Rocket didn’t fit in immediately. But he was finally partnered with Mike Stornetta and the two were put through various training to be certified to save lives. They’ve seen action before. But now, they are in Houston and they are doing what needs to be done to search for and locate victims who need to be saved.

Rocket’s Energy Comes Through A Photo Even

The Windsor Fire Protection District Facebook page put out a post in which it said, “Mike and Rocket are trained in finding live victims during disasters. They have trained together for several years in order to be prepared for just such a disaster, they are ready and willing and we know they will do an awesome job! Stay safe Mike and Rocket.”

Rocket is a shining example of how no one should ever be discarded. There is always something they can bring to the table if they can just be given their chance to shine.

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