In Green Bay, Wisconsin, a police officer was called on to help out a young boy who had the misfortune of being left behind at school. Even worse, it was the boy’s eighth birthday, so officer Daryl Robinson stepped in to save the day.

Unfortunately, the boy’s parent was incarcerated earlier that day, and with no emergency contacts available to the school, they elected to have an officer sent to pick him up and drive him to his relatives’ home.

“He’d never been in a police car before and was very excited to ride in one,” Robinson said in an ensuing press conference. “We gave him some Packer cards and a little Green Bay police tattoo. And then I brought him to McDonald’s, got him a sandwich.”

The scenario was familiar to the officer, who himself had experienced a similar situation when he was a child. The policeman that picked him up at the time was ex-Green Bay Police Captain Bill Bongle, who was the reason Robinson decided he wanted to pursue law enforcement.

“If I needed someone to talk to or anything he was always there, helping me out. And he’s the reason I wanted to go in law enforcement. I wanted the opportunity to do for another kid that he did for me,” Robinson said.

The McDonald’s trip was possible thanks to some coupons provided to the police department in the case of scenarios like this one.

“He was excited, yeah. Looking at the toys they put in the Happy Meals. Just excited to hang out with a police officer and get away for a little bit,” Robinson added.

At the end of their little cruise, he was able to locate the boy’s grandfather and took him to his home where some of his other siblings were as well.

Though Robinson insisted that he’s not one to bask in the spotlight, he did say that all the positive reactions pouring in make him feel really good. People from all over the country have been reaching out to the police department to thank Robinson for his kind gesture, and some have even asked how they could send the boy birthday presents.

Best of all, Robinson says he’ll be keeping in touch with the young boy.

“I do plan on making contact with him in the future and checking on him and see how he’s doing,” the officer says. “And if he wants to come tour the police station or see more stuff that we have to offer here, like the SWAT vehicle or other emergency vehicles that we have, and play with the lights and sirens, I’d be happy to do that with him.”

This sure is a wonderful, feel-good story, and here’s to hoping this boy had a nice remainder of his eighth birthday.

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