One University of Alabama chemistry major Kelsey Hall jokingly agreed to become a tree for a month and, now, she’s gone viral.

Hall’s mom sent her a Christmas tree costume because of Kelsey’s love for the holiday season and on December 2, Hall took to Twitter to make a proposal. 1,000 retweets and she could wear the costume to all her classes for the remainder of her classes for the semester. Just four short days later, Hall had reached 23,000 retweets and 38,000 likes. That’s when she realized the tweet was a bad idea.

Despite her reluctance, Hall followed through and wore the costume. The campus was excited to run into Hall and she even stopped for photos. She admits that at first she was embarrassed because some people had no clue about her viral tweet and even discouraged when bad weather met her and her decorated ensemble. Regardless of how she felt or how the weather behaved, Kelsey kept her word and managed to spread some positivity throughout the campus during finals time.

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