There is something going on with these high-level celebrities and one day, they just might let us know what it’s all about. In the latest episode of Celebrity Zone, Tyrese Gibson posted Instagram photos after a mysterious 3-hour surgery. No problem there. But where are those posts now?

Obviously, Tyrese had to have some kind of surgery. The evidence is all the buzz across the internet. Plus, the picture of Shayla hugging him on a hospital bed means that something did in fact happen.

With His Daughter Shayla On The Red Carpet

tyrese gibson

So, what happened to those posts? It’s anyone’s guess. Just like Taylor Swift yanking her social media down for a minute. What was that about? Why are these celebrities doing things like this to their fans?

From all the reports, it appears that Tyrese wrote the caption, “By my side, My amazing wife and daughter have been by my side every step of the way…. When it comes down to the real stuff no one is ever there but family.”

With His Wife Samantha On Wedding Day

tyrese gibson

To venture a guess, he may have been on some good painkillers at the time that he posted the picture and wrote the caption. When he came to, he might have realized that he had just put his very personal business out there and he didn’t really mean to do that. If that’s the case, that’s why managers should always handle their accounts.

If that’s not the case, then I’m totally in the dark just like all his fans. Because for one, no one knows what the surgery was even about. Was it serious? Was it life threatening? Is he okay now?

Come on! The fans want to know. Can’t just put that stuff out there like that and then yank it down all willy-nilly!

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