Roaya Jannatipour is a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley and thanks to a high school friend, a beautiful 16-year reunion has occurred.

On Roaya’s first day of classes, a high school pal called to tell her about a friend from summer camp that she wanted to connect her with. The friend was Nissma Bencheikh, a freshman at Virginia, and apparently she and Roaya shared more than a few similarities.

“They both went to the same summer camp in New York together, and throughout the whole thing, she said this girl totally reminded her of me,” Roaya explained.

Both young women are Canadian born and of Moroccan descent.

Once Roaya and Nissma met up, they became the closest of friends; so much in fact that they decided to become roommates. That’s when their story took a wild turn.

While moving in, the friends called Roaya’s mom on FaceTime and when she told Nissma’s dad her name, he yelled, “I knew it!” The girls were left confused.

As the dots connected, the girls realized their moms were long-lost friends and the two girls had actually hung out together before — as babies!

Nissma had grown up seeing pictures of herself with Roaya and hearing stories of her mom’s best friend but had never met her.

The moms were so close that Roaya’s mom was not only present at Nissma’s sister’s birth but had even named her. The move to the U.S. caused the families to lose touch.

The connection left the girls in shock. According to Roaya there was a fair share of screaming, jumping and more screaming.

“What are the odds that that could happen?” Roaya asked.

We’re going to call it destiny.

The families are excited to be reconnected.

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