President Trump must have the best luck in the world. There are 36 deaths in the Caribbean so far as a result of Hurricane Irma. Properties have been demolished and the area has been devastated. But there stands Trump’s $17 million Chateau des Palmiers without so much as a scratch.

St. Martin is a French/Dutch island where Trump has his little 11- bedroom getaway that sits on its own private beach. That means it’s right up on the water where the Hurricane went through. There are other celebrities on this star-studded island like Gloria Estefan and Sean “Diddy” Combs who haven’t reported anything about any damage their properties have suffered.

The Front View Of Trump’s Chateau

Trump's Chateau

But Richard Branson of Virgin has posted about the damage his property suffered in the British Virgin Islands, which is an island right next door as Irma made its way to Miami. Yet, Trump’s Chateau des Palmiers made it through just fine. Not a tile off the roof. Not a window broken. Just a little yard work and it’s back up in good shape.

The sad fact is that 95% of the island was destroyed. There are poor and working-class residents who have properties that have been reduced to piles of rubble. They are in terrible shape as they hustle to get their lives back together.

The Pool View Of Trump’s Chateau

Trump's Chateau

Help is along the way. But there are other people who were hit by the storm as it made its way up through Florida and continues to go even though it was reduced to Tropical Storm status. Millions of people are without power and even more lives were taken after the Hurricane jumped the pond.

But help is on its way to the people in the Caribbean. They may feel at a loss right now, but there are so many good people in this world who pull together at times like these and they are coming.

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