A devout Scientologist, Tom Cruise is reportedly struggling with not being able to be a part of his daughter, Suri’s, life. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married in 2006 and had Suri later that same year, but filed for divorce in 2012.

During their marriage, Holmes converted to Scientology but left the religion after her divorce from Cruise. As a result, he is “excommunicated” from them and hasn’t seen his 11-year-old daughter in years.

Now, Maryann Carter, a close friend of Cruise is stating he is “fed up” with seeing photos of Suri. In a now deleted Facebook post, Carter stated, “I am going to ask that no one post anything with Suri in the future. [Suri] is no longer part of his life!! If you do, I will erase it!! If you continue, I will have to remove you!! Thanks!”

A source close to Holmes has also shared the actor’s frustration with Cruise saying, “Katie has grown so tired, disappointed, and frustrated with Tom’s absence as a father.” The source went on to say that, “Tom does not make time for Suri and she has learned to deal with not having her father around.”

It’s so heartbreaking to see Cruise going so far out of his way to not see anything related to his daughter, but maybe one day he will be able to put everything behind him and be a part of her life again.

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