Instagram users are all familiar with the common phrase, “Do it for the ‘gram” used by peers to pressure someone into doing a crazy stunt simply to get a great picture or video out of it. The phrase really can be applied to any social media platform, and Twitter user, Chisa Tolbertson, is the prime example of someone who went a little too far in trying to get the perfect shot.

Tolbertson, who is a yoga lover, shared this video back in May, but it’s just now resurfacing and getting its day in the sun. While on a hike, she decided the ideal setting to try out one of her more advanced yoga poses was directly over a river, and not one of those peaceful, lazy rivers.

In her mind, a fallen tree trunk over the river provided the perfect platform to perform the pose, but as can be witnessed in the video below, that wasn’t the case…

With the video’s recent internet fame and that intense tumble into the river, people were genuinely concerned about Tolbertson’s well-being. Tolbertson took to her Twitter once again this past week to share a photo documenting a successful attempt at the original yoga pose. She even returned to the same river, this time choosing a more stable location.

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