Disney World is supposed to be the ultimate getaway destination for families that just want some R&R and a chance to grow closer together while on vacation, but for one Florida mom it turned out to be her discovery of a nightmarish error. When Tammy Lemasters attempted to check in for her resort reservation, she found herself being turned away. It was then that the woman realized what was wrong, and it had nothing to do with Disney.

When she asked the reason why, she was told it was because her driver’s license had her listed as a sexual predator. She was naturally absolutely shocked at the revelation due to the fact that she had committed no such previous crimes, not even anything remotely of the kind.

“I was afraid to drive in my car,” she said. “I was afraid of getting pulled over. I was afraid of the kids being in the car.”

The mom is now planning on filing a lawsuit against the Lake County Tax Collector’s office for defamation. When the county did some digging into the issue, they discovered the problem. Instead of checking off “yes” for organ donor, the office clerk had accidentally checked off “yes” for sexual predator while filling out the forms on the computer.

Lemasters’ attorney has expressed his utter exasperation with the whole ordeal: “This is completely, completely avoidable by just putting in some sort of default on the computer. That’s just preposterous. I’d be willing to bet it’s happened hundreds of times.” The attorney is currently representing three other people in the state who have had the same glitch happen to them.

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