Halloween is one of those holidays that puts people in a festive mood. Not only is everyone excited to dress up for parties and such, but many love to decorate as well. Tons of people all around the country build unique and elaborate displays to try and “wow” their trick-or-treaters, while others stick to more classic arrangements.

But one art teacher from Mamaroneck, New York has taken a much more humorous approach to creating the decorations on his front lawn. Michael Fry, who is also a father of two daughters, has crafted a graveyard specifically for trends and fads that have died off in 2017.

Fry began this tradition three years ago when he decided he wanted to build a graveyard, but didn’t know what to write on the tombstones.

“I wanted to put something on them that wasn’t necessarily of people, and I didn’t want it to be too left or too right or offensive in any way,” Fry told ABC News.

Deciding he wanted to be both “humorous and modern with the times,” he consulted his students for “things from that year that have either died, or are dying or are no longer fashionable or no longer hip.”

“Being a teacher, I get input from my students and friends and family members, and it’s become a collaborative effort,” he added.

Some of the topics that made it to the grave in this year’s edition of Fry’s cemetery include watching live TV, “Trump Care,” old Taylor Swift, and even dabbing.

There are also some subtle jabs, namely normal seasons, which is a hint at global warming, and “accountability,” which is jokingly addressed towards millennials.

“I just hope everybody thinks it’s fun. I put humor in all of my work. I try to take some of the edge off Halloween,” Fry insisted. “It’s always scary and creepy and crazy, but I try to make it fun and funny for the young kids in the neighborhood.”

The art teacher also lives on the same block as an elementary school, so he says children are continuously entertained by the presentation. Some have even stopped in front of his house to begin dabbing, telling Fry “dabbing isn’t dead yet.”

His eldest daughter, Eily, also helped him paint a massive skull last year that’s raised above their front walkway on Halloween night. The giant purple head is also illuminated with spiraling eyes and reaches the second story of the family’s home.

All in all, Fry’s artistic abilities serve an uplifting purpose for this festive time of year, and many in his community love it. You can always appreciate a light-hearted creative idea.

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