Any right-minded boy knows their T. Rex from their Brachiosaurus, but this British boy certainly more than knows his dinosaur knowledge. He gave the Natural History Museum in London a run for their money when he pointed out that one of their signs was incorrectly labeled. 10-year-old Charlie Edwards was participating in the museum’s “Dino Snores for Kids,” which allows children to spend the night in the museum and find dinosaur fossil clues using flashlights, when he noticed a slight error.

“I read this one sign that had an egg but then it showed the full dinosaur side-by-side comparison to a human and I saw that the shape of it was wrong,” says Charlie.

The dino-smart boy was quite adamant of this despite his parents’ insistence that the museum would never make a mistake like that. Sure enough, though, he was right. His parents emailed them and informed them of their apparent error and were pretty stunned when the museum responded with confirmation of their son’s discovery.

The sign was supposed to label the dinosaur on display as an Oviraptor but instead labeled it as a Protoceratops. His mother couldn’t have been more proud. “Charlie has Asperger syndrome and tends to find a subject he loves and tries to learn so much about it, so it’s really nice that he’s been able to show what he’s learnt and that knowledge base.”

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