Anyone who’s ever attempted to go to a McDonald’s in order to get some ice cream has probably experienced the disappointment of the machine being down.

Now whether or not it is actually broken, only the employees know, but wouldn’t it be nice to know if the machine is up and running before you waste your time driving to the restaurant? Well now you can thanks to a new app.

The new Ice Check application uses your GPS location to scan nearby McDonald’s chains, and with the assistance of helpful patrons, informs you as to whether or not the ice cream machine is “on” or “off.”

This means that it will require others to go into the store to verify the status of the machine first, but when they update it with “on,” the McDonald’s location marker will appear pink, and when it’s “off,” the marker will show up as gray.

Ice Check is available on just the iOS app store for now, so apart from doing your due diligence by keeping others informed of the machine’s status, you should also alert your Android-wielding friends as well.

Driving to a McDonald’s only to be disappointed is often a common occurrence, so actually keeping the status of your neighborhood store’s machine would be beneficial to both you and the rest of your town’s residents. It’s about time they’ve developed an app for this!

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