Home footage of a 15-year-old Chula Vista trick-or-treater who was caught on camera restocking one house’s empty candy bowl went viral following the sweets-fill celebration. The teen has now been identified as Olympian High School freshman Lawrence Malot.

Malot and his friends were going door to door when they came to the home of Kim Manalo. Manalo had left a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters while she took her own children out. By the time Malot had arrived at the home, the bowl was completely empty.

While Malot’s friends walked away he stayed behind to refill the bowl with candy from his own stash. “It was still early when I looked, and I kind of felt bad for the other trick-or-treaters,” he said. What the teen didn’t realize is that cameras were rolling.

When Manalo returned to her home after circling the block, She found the bowl empty at her door and thought the worst. It wasn’t until her husband played back the footage to see where the candy had gone that the couple saw the sweet act.

Manalo shared the video with a Chula Vista mothers group on Facebook in hopes of locating the teen.

“All you see is bad stuff, and to see something good really made me have hope for — especially our kids,” she said.

Malot, who relocated to the Chula Vista area four years ago from the Philippines, thought nothing of the act. It wasn’t until one of his friends showed him the video that he realized the impact he made.

“I feel kind of proud of myself. I just feel proud. I’m so happy,” he said.

When the Manalo children heard about what Malot did they were excited to offer him some of their candy as a thank-you. The sky teen kindly laughed off the offer saying, “it’s fine.”

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