An officer from the Montebello Police Department is proving there is still a great bit of grace and kindness in the world.

When officer Robert Josett of the MPD was dispatched to the neighborhood Bank of America to wrangle up a customer causing a disturbance, he swooped in to serve and protect, surprisingly, the unruly customer.

Upon arriving to the scene, Josett discovered a 92-year-old man was the cause of the commotion. The man had become upset when he was prohibited from withdrawing money from his account. With nothing but the man’s expired ID, the bank had to refuse him service. The man became progressively enraged as the bankers continuously told him there was nothing they could do for him and that’s when the authorities were contacted.

Rather than tactlessly escorting the man out of the bank, Josett took it upon himself to take matters into his own hands. The officer took the man to the DMV to get a new ID card before returning to the bank to complete the cash withdrawal.

A photo of Josett and the elderly man made it onto Facebook and the Montebello Police Department received much well deserved praise.

The heroes who can’t wear capes often wear badges.

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