“I thought I wasn’t going to get him back because they were pressuring me to pay this money back first. Then they were saying that the intending mom was thinking about giving him up for adoption. They wanted me to buy or adopt my own child.”

Regardless of how the situation was going, Allen refrained from taking her frustrations out on the intended mother. The agency had crafted a story and told the woman that Allen had planned to sue her—something Allen never said she would do.

There were numerous circumstances where Allen and Jasper tried to pick up their son and were turned away. The couple was turned away once because the intended parents refused to sign over power of attorney and another time because the intended parents were thinking of putting him up for adoption.

“We tried to get him three different times and they just kept giving us an excuse,” Allen explained.

After three months of legal battles, Malachi was united with his biological family.

Allen says the family has been financially and emotionally distraught due to the betrayal of the agency and the debt they gained in an attempt to get their child back.

“We wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves knowing that [Malachi] was out there in the care of someone else. Knowing that for the first two months of his brand new life that he was in the arms of strangers, that breaks my heart. It’s really heartbreaking.”

Now a happy 10-month-old, Malachi has a personality all his own.“He has an attitude and he’s funny and his personality is just goofy and bossy all at once,” said Allen.

Her surrogacy nightmare isn’t far behind her, but watching Malachi grow has made coping easier. As for Allen’s future as a surrogate, she said she’ll never do it again.

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