It is one of the cruelest things anyone can do to abandon their pet during a hurricane. If a person gets separated from their pet and is desperately trying to reconnect, that’s a whole different story. But to consciously leave the pet behind while running for their own safety, that’s a low that is unfathomable.

That’s what happened to this dog. She was actually abandoned long before the storm. The person who shared this story goes by the name Amiawifeorasword on Imgur and she got in contact with the owners after she found their dog. They didn’t want her anymore.

That’s how they do things. They just let the dog go and don’t give it another care in this world. They should never be allowed to own a pet again and I hope they know this story is going around about them so that they can be reminded every day of the great dog they just threw away.

Hesitant To Come In Out Of The Storm

stray dog

But, the story has a happy ending. It’s not all about bad people abandoning dogs and letting them starve on the street. This dog was smart enough to survive.

Eating Like There’s No Tomorrow

stray dog

Amiawifeorasword was out in her yard just before the hurricane. She was making preparations on her house when she saw the stray across the street looking kind of rough. Amiawifeorasword called to her and she came. She even notes how the dog looked both ways before coming across.

She Finally Got The Stray Dog In The House

stray dog

She named her Amaterasu, or Amy for short. Amy went through several helpings of food and water before coming up for air. That was one hungry dog and she was emaciated. Her hair was matted and her skin was irritated. She had been running the streets for a while.

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