Hurricane Harvey devastated thousands of families as it blew through Houston unexpectedly and turned people’s lives upside down. It wasn’t just the humans whose lives were made a wreck. The animals have also felt the pain and misery from the destructive hurricane.

In the aftermath, people are hustling to help. It’s a good thing to see so many people pitching in to make the situation better any way they can. Southwest Airlines recently did a great thing for the animals of Houston so that the animal shelters can try to keep animals near their displaced families.

Kitten’s Curious About Something

southwest airlines

Southwest Airlines opened up an entire plane to fly a cabin full of dogs and cats to San Diego, California. The shelters in Houston are full and they are trying to make room for pets whose families are desperately trying to find their animals. Mike Arms is the President of Helen Woodward Animal Center where the animals were relocated to in San Diego, California. “These are the silent victims. There are shelters that have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, without electricity, without supplies.”

He went on to talk about the Texas rescue group who helped. “Operation Pets Alive! has taken in an overwhelming number of orphan dogs and cats who had inhabited those shelters before the storm and were suddenly facing euthanasia simply because they had no place to go. We are honored to help save those lives and we are lucky to have incredible friends like Southwest to help make this all possible.”

Animals Happy To Be Saved

southwest airlines

The operation was coordinated between Operation Pets Alive! And the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Operation Pets Alive! had the animals and the Helen Woodward Animal Center had the space for them to go. Southwest Airlines made sure the animals got there.

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