Oops, they did it again. The cast members of MTV’s Siesta Key are proving, once again, that money can’t buy class.

“Pauly Paul,” the cousin and costar of Alex Kompothecras, recently dined at Miller’s Alehouse at the Sarasota location on Kenny Drive. Instead of leaving a tip, he left a one-day guest pass to Crunch Fitness and drew a smiley face in the blank tip amount line. Oh, but it gets even better. Pauly took a photo of the receipt and posted it to his Instagram to brag. Brag? About having absolutely no couth? We already know that, Pauly.

It’s okay though, because what goes around comes around. The owners of the local Alehouse also own and operate several other restaurants in Sarasota. So, they have not only banned Pauly from dining at Alehouse again, but also from every other restaurant in the area that they own. Which is a fair amount.

Pauly is the same cast member who is seen in a leaked video ingesting illegal paraphernalia by himself and talking badly about the producers of MTV, which one might find confusing considering he owes them for his sudden “fame.” Here are some more of Pauly’s Instagram posts that truly embody his character and morale:

Judging by the last photograph, looks like he has enough cash to tip a waiter 20%.

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