Get ready to shed a few tears! It’s a moment in most parents’ lives that Pink shared with the viewers of the MTV Video Music Awards. It’s how she handled it that will bring a few tears to your eyes and it’s a great message for everyone who watched.

Pink put on an amazing performance where she threw together a phenomenal medley of her greatest hits. Then she belted out “What About Us” as the heart-stopping choreography made the audience dance in their seats. The best part of the evening though was when Ellen DeGeneres handed her the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

The Family Matching In Suits


When she took the stage and was handed the mic, no one knew what was coming. But Pink’s speech went out to her 6-year-old daughter Willow and all the other kids in the world should take a note. In fact, she talked about making a PowerPoint for her daughter concerning one particular conversation they had. It might be a good idea if we could all just go ahead and get that PowerPoint. How do you feel about that? Pink? Hello?

For some reason, her daughter was struggling with something heavy. But her mother is Pink and that wasn’t going to last long. What the problem was to begin with was that Willow thought she was ugly. Now, those are words that cut deep with any parent.

Why Is A 6-Year-Old Struggling With An Issue Like That?


How can a 6-year-old have an idea that she’s ugly? How can body image or self-esteem come into play so young? What in the world is wrong with this world that these thoughts are running through a 6-year-old’s mind?

Every parent wants to jump up and run out the door ready to protect their children from the world. But, Pink’s way gives us all something to think about. That’s how it’s done!

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