In case you need a reason to attend pilates class or cuddle a dog, puppy pilates is the latest fitness trend that combines both.

Cisco Pilates in Asheville, NC joined forces with the local Humane Society to create a class that will benefit both fitness buffs and cute pups.

Spend an hour toning your body while puppies roam around the room for only $10. Each dollar earned goes directly to the Humane Society. At the end of the class, if there’s one pup, in particular, you must take home to love, the adoption fees are waived for your new furry best friend. Yes, 10 bucks for some serious training and a new cuddly bud.

The Cisco Pilates Instagram page was full of excitement after the photos of the furry fitness session got out, which would explain why the classes have been sold out.

We can only hope this trend spreads like wildfire because both animals and exercise have been proven to be mood boosters.

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