This past week, Florida and the surrounding Caribbean islands experienced the largest hurricane in U.S. history, leaving in its wake a string of devastating damage. People weren’t the only victims of the storm, however, as countless marine species indigenous to the tropics have suffered as well.

When reporters from NBC and Fox 4 were covering the damage left by Hurricane Irma on Marco Island along the Gulf Coast of Florida on Monday, they suddenly found themselves with a brand new goal besides simply talking about those in need.

NBC’s Kerry Sanders and Fox 4 reporter Tony Russell were joined by some local residents to heroically rescue two dolphins that had washed up on shore. The first dolphin was just a baby and, due to its small size, had managed to find itself beached as far up as the sidewalk.

As a seasoned reporter who has experienced 60 different hurricanes, Sanders knew exactly what to do as he guided the young dolphin out to the open sea once the group carried it to the water. It was less than an hour later that an adult (presumably the mother) was found and rescued….albeit with just a bit more struggle than the first one!

These two dolphins are hardly the only victims of Irma to be aided by people, as various manatees and other dolphins have been helped all over the Florida coast and Cuba.

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