What does a guy do when he’s won 23 Gold Medals and set 39 world records? He tries to find the most outlandish thing to do with his skills and give that a try. When it comes to Michael Phelps, he’s found that thing and it’s going to go down pretty soon.

Michael Phelps is set to race a shark on July 23 at 8 p.m. They’ve called the shark and confirmed that time is good for him. So when you think about that happening, what do think about?

How In The World Is It Going To Work?

Is Michael Phelps going to be separated by a wall or something? Does the shark know it’s racing? How are they going to motivate the shark to swim forward instead of around in circles? They could drop some meat in the water. That might be it.

They might just drop Michael Phelps in the water and he wins if he stays ahead of the shark and climbs out of the water still in one piece. There isn’t a whole lot of information about the race. But there was a statement put out by Discovery.

Does The Shark Know He’s Racing Michael Phelps?

“They are one of the fastest and most efficient predators on the planet: Sharks. He is our greatest champion to ever get in the water: Michael Phelps. 39 world records. 23 Olympic golds. But he has one competition left to win. An event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before. The world’s most decorated athlete takes on the ocean’s most efficient predator: Phelps V Shark – the race is on! Produced by Peacock Productions.”

So, the race is on! Michael Phelps is probably training right now with dolphins. He’s moving up to whales next to get ready for the big shark race. Seriously, I can’t wait to see it. Not just to see who wins, but also how in the world they are going to make it happen.

Some People Have The Details

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