An 18-year-old McDonald’s employee in LaPlace, Louisiana, was one day tasked to fill the ice cream machine. The employee, Nick, immediately filled the request, but he accidentally spilled some of the ice cream down the sides of the machine. When he went to clean the machine, he pulled the trays out of the side, and was horrified at what he saw.



He also moved the machine to the side, and this action exposed all of the filth that had accumulated underneath. According to Nick, he assumed that the machine would be cleaned regularly. Nick and the rest of the employees were never told to clean it.


It was at this point that Nick pulled out his phone and chose to violate McDonald’s company policy. He took pictures of these health issues, and posted them on the Internet a couple weeks later. Nick knew that he would lose his job, but he decided to post the pictures anyway. We don’t know whether or not he told his manager about the issue first, or if he kept the information to himself.


The good people of Twitter were absolutely outraged by the scandalous pictures, and they quickly voiced their contempt for the chain restaurant. Some backed up his claims, while some blamed Nick and the other employees for not cleaning the machine.




On a more humorous note, some employees from Wendy’s took the opportunity to boast about the cleanliness of their Frosty machines.



Nick was abruptly fired, but refused to take down his tweets. Representatives from McDonald’s reportedly contacted about him the tweets, but he stood his ground. Frankly, he is in the wrong. No franchise should have their image permanently tarnished if they weren’t given the opportunity to rectify the situation. Sadly, whistleblowers tend to care more about publicity than ethics.

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