Christmas came early for these lucky families when a certain secret Santa visited a Toys R Us store in Cherry Hill, N.J. While the man’s identity isn’t completely a secret, he was only identified as Charlie K. He told their local news station that he started the day out with the intention of purchasing toys for his son, but ended up accomplishing this generous task instead.

At Toys R Us, he asked to pay for over 60 orders that customers had put on layaway, spending over $10,000!

He told the news channel, “I’m trying to bring some happiness to people, to the community that brought happiness to me and my family. I love this community and I am trying to provide back to it.”

A Toys R Us spokeswoman added, “We love the heartwarming acts of one secret Santa who visited Toys R Us Cherry Hill this morning – Charlie K. paid off more than 62 Layaway orders totaling approximately $10,780.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Charlie K. went on to purchase an additional $2,000 worth of toys for Toys for Tots. The wonderful charity was started by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. It allows children whose parents cannot afford to purchase them Christmas presents to still experience the magic of Christmas and receive a gift or two.

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