Hugo Awards-nominated author Saladin Ahmed made a shocking discovery one day while having breakfast with his son. He immediately took to Twitter to inquire about it saying,

“hey @KelloggsUS why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? this is teaching kids racism.”

He then followed up his original tweet with an afterthought, “yes its a tiny thing, but when you see your kid staring at this over breakfast and realize millions of other kids are doing the same…”

The company came back with a swift response and in a tweet of their own said, “Kellogg is committed to diversity & inclusion. We did not intend to offend – we apologize. The artwork is updated & will be in stores soon.”

Ahmed then told Kellogg’s he “genuinely appreciate[s] the rapid response,” and in a formal response to USA TODAY Kellogg’s expounded on their statement:

“We take feedback very seriously, and it was never our intention to offend anyone,” spokesman Kris Charles said. “We apologize sincerely.”

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