It’s true romance with a dark side. A love was found because somehow, someone looked through the darkness and brought the other to the light. It’s a story worth telling over and over.

There was a question posted on Quora: “What is one moment in your life you thought could only happen in a movie?” Throughout all the answers, there is one that stopped everyone in their tracks. It was the story of Kevin Walsh and how his wife Blake saved his life.

They went to the same camp when they were teenagers. Kevin Walsh recalls being 13 years old when Blake came up to him one day and out of the blue she made the remark, “Black is a good color on you.” For teenagers, that was enough to break the ice and the two talked for a while.

They Met At Camp When They Were Teenagers


They even exchanged AIM accounts, which at the time was the way to stay in touch online. They did that for a minute and then somewhere throughout high school, they seemed to lose touch. Kevin says that he always thought about her. But they weren’t in contact anymore.

Somehow, Kevin fell into a deep depression. He felt he had no other way out of his misery than to take his own life. So, he decided to do that one night. That’s when his phone rang.

He looked at the number and had no idea who it was. But for a person about to commit suicide, it was important for him to answer. It was Blake, a person he hadn’t spoken to in about a year.

It Was Meant To Be


As they talked, she must have picked up on a vibe. She pried until she got it out of him that he was about to commit suicide before she called. Her simple words were all he needed to hear, “What? Don’t do that.” That was enough to snap him out of the funk that he was in and actually, it made him start thinking hard about the future.

That night, he sat down and started writing some words. They were the words that he would eventually use one day to propose to her. It worked. The two are now happily married.

If you ask Kevin, he’ll tell you to talk to someone when you feel that way. “There is power in saying it out loud. There’s a good chance that the moment it comes out of your mouth you’ll realize it isn’t what you want at all.”

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