It’s the most wonderful time of the year they say… but this husky doesn’t look to be feeling the holiday cheer.

Anuko is a Siberian Husky and very well possibly the new Grumpy Cat. The pouty pup belongs to 20-year-old Jasmine Milton from England. Milton adopted Anuko as a puppy and says he’s always been the calmer one between the two of them.

“He’s kind and he’s never so much as growled at anybody – just a relaxed, lazy but cool type of dog who can’t be bothered for my shenanigans,” Milton said.

Of course, shenanigans include dressing up the dog in festive fits.

Milton was led to adopt Anuko after a dark time in her life.

“I got Anuko shortly after being diagnosed with depression amongst other mental health problems. I got him for emotional support, to give me a meaning to life and to encourage me to get out of bed in the morning,” she said.

So what does a dog who brings joy to a young girl get for the holidays?

“He’s on the naughty list this year… All of his Christmas presents were canceled and instead paid for an expensive dental surgery – as he fractured his tooth by chewing too hard on an antler my brother found in the woods,” Milton said.

We’re doubtful that Anuko will get absolutely nothing this year because who could resist that sweet face? Even so, Anuko has given Milton the greatest gift of the year — happiness and purpose. Milton is now motivated to attend veterinary school.

Perhaps that will give Anuko a reason to smile.

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