Google has always been a traveler’s best friend whether searching for flights, food, or figuring out directions. Now the technology titans are introducing an innovation that will change the traveling game for good: Pixel Buds, instant translation headphones.

Although these appear to be the average earbuds, they offer the translation of up to 40 languages. The wearer will receive the translation in their ear and upon replying, the other person will hear the response repeated in their language via the headphone’s front-facing speakers.

The headphones provide five hours of non-stop translations and come in a pocket-sized case that doubles as a charger, offering up to 24 hours of charge.

Expected to hit the market in November for only $159, the in-ear wireless buds will come in white, blue, and black. In an attempt to supply comfort with the new product, Google has added a fabric loop.

If you’re uneasy about how well the headphones will work you could always take the $159 and get a language tutor.

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