Every dog owner has had that crestfallen feeling when they spot the “no pets allowed” sign on the door of their favorite coffee shop. Sad owners are forced to either leave their poor pooch outside in the heat or simply return when they’re not walking the dog.

But NYC residents — particularly those in the East Village — are about to have their dog-related problems behind them! This winter, a dog-friendly café will be opened that will not only allow dogs inside but will encourage them.

Even people that don’t own dogs are welcome to come and play with the pups. “A lot of people like dogs [but] because of their circumstances can’t have one—so this is a dog-friendly place,” says co-owner Coppy Holzman.

The café will even partner with rescue organizations to allow patrons to come in and adopt their very own canine friend. In order to comply with health regulations, the store will be split in two, where customers can buy food and drinks (including wine) on one side before taking their dogs to the other side to eat and play.

This dog café opens on the heels of the successful cat cafés and will be called Boris and Horton, after the owner’s own two dogs.

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