While returning from a fire in La Loma Hills, California, firefighters stopped at a local Denny’s for a much needed dinner. Little did the crew know, they would be in for a big surprise. While they were eating, an anonymous woman decided to pay the entire bill, plus an extra $100 for dessert.

Here’s the Colton City Fire Department’s Facebook post that went viral.



The original post has now garnered 8.4k reactions and 1,134 shares.


Most of the comments expressed gratitude to the firefighters and some praised the woman for her kind gift. Still others guessed at the donor’s political affiliation. However, the most disturbing trend was the amount of comments criticizing the woman for her $50 tip. Sure, it was technically only 14%, but come on people… Is that really the thing to focus on? Fortunately, the majority of comments were definitely positive.

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