During the same event, Prince William also acknowledged his wife’s crucial role in the emphasis on this subject, crediting her to be the one “who first realized that all three of us were working on mental health in our individual areas of focus. She had seen that at the core of adult issues like addiction and family breakdown, unresolved childhood mental health issues were often part of the problem.”

Troels Torp, the ambassador of the One of Us campaign whom Prince Harry spoke to in the bakery last week, elaborated further on the royal member’s demeanor. “You could see he had been in a dark place once himself because of his mother [Princess Diana] and that’s why he can relate to us. He was very kind and caring and down to earth.”

Prince Harry also spent time meeting with the Commander-In-Chief of Denmark, Queen Margrethe, who seemed especially happy to have him in her country.

Former U.K. spokesperson Alastair Campbell also had only good things to say about the royal family’s involvement in mental health issues. “[They’ve] been a massive boost to the broader campaign to try and raise awareness of mental health and mental illness,” Campbell said after appearing at the same event as the trio in October.

“I’ve seen the impact that they can have in terms of pushing the debate in the right direction. They’re clearly in this for the right reasons and for the long term,” he continued. “This is not something they’re going to dip into and dip out of.”

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