He was on the run for over 20 years. But those days are now over for Rocco Morabito, a convicted drug kingpin who was holding up in Uruguay. He made one fatal mistake that would lead to authorities finding him.

First off, this story gets very interesting when you learn that Rocco Morabito was convicted in absentia. That’s a fancy term for the fact that he wasn’t even in court. That’s a phenomenal feat when you figure that a person has to be able to face their accuser and that they need to be there to be accused in the first place.

Rocco Morabito Was Convicted In Absentia

Rocco Morabito

But somehow, authorities found their way around that part of the law and convicted Rocco of drug trafficking as well as organized-crime activities. But he was already on the run. It’s probably easy to assume that he had no intention of going to court for any of that.

Only his lawyer was there to fight the battle. But the prosecuting attorney was able to pull it off with evidence and arguments that convinced a jury to convict him to a 30-year sentence. Rocco went on the run and he was successful for over 20 years. That’s when he made the mistake that would cost him his freedom.

Rocco Morabito Being Arrested

Rocco Morabito

The Italian police reported that the arrest was the result of “months of international cooperation and intelligence activity.” But what was it that tipped them off? After all, he had been on the run for over 20 years and they weren’t able to track him down until now?

He got comfortable is what happened. He went to enroll his daughter into school. He used his real name, which sent up a red flag. Then, his fingerprints confirmed his identity. After 20 years, you’d think he would know better.

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