Everyone knows Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski likes to party. But the rumor that is swirling around the internet apparently started by TMZ is that he spent $100,000 on a bar tab at a resort and casino in Connecticut. What does Gronk have to say about it?

That’s the funny thing. If anyone knows anything about him, he’s pretty tight with his money. In fact, in his book “It’s Good To Be Gronk,” he actually tells the story of how he hasn’t spent any of the money that he has made from his NFL contract. He’s been living off of endorsements, of which he has quite a few, including Nike and Dunkin’ Donuts.

So then how does that picture measure up to the one TMZ is trying to spin? It doesn’t. In fact, a good friend of Gronk, Robert Goon @goon356 tweeted, “Are you kidding me @RobGronkowski won’t spend $20 in gas for his car no way he’s spending $100k at a club #FakeNews.”

Rob Gronkowski Giving To A Good Cause

The Gronk himself tweeted @RobGronkowski, “Don’t always believe what you read. This is where 100k+ would go to before that.” As you can see, he’s holding up a check for over that amount written out to the Boston Children’s Hospital. That’s a good bit of money for a good cause.

So why does TMZ feel the need to write up a fake report that he was at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut partying up with Flo Rida? They didn’t have anything else to write that day? They might have had reports of Gronk and Flo Rida partying, but that’s all there was to it. That’s not good enough for the news so they made up some grand detail to get some headlines. Actually, it’s a 100 grand detail.

Rob Gronkowski In His Element

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski can make headlines on his own. When he visited the White House, he popped in unexpectedly on the White House briefing and got some laughs for that. He donates money to good causes and gets headlines for those things. He doesn’t need a TMZ report putting out false headlines.

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