If you’re looking to make a couple dollars, one company is paying for people to send them a host of colorful fall leaves.

The website Cash 4 Leaves is offering the citizens of New England a dollar for every fallen leaf in their yard that is sent in.

The company is buying the maple leaves in quantities of 100. Leaves are only being accepted out of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island or Connecticut and must be packaged in a bag with zero imperfections — no bugs, mold, tears, or excessive decay allowed.

Red, yellow, orange or a mix of these colors are desired. Leaves with brown sections will be turned away. If you’re curious as to why the company is so needy for the leaves, they are using them to create supplies for Ship Foliage. The site specializes in fall crafts but are low on leafy materials due to the warm weather.

Those looking to trade in leaves for a more spendable green should send a photo of their best five leaves to the company’s email and wait to find out if they qualify. If they do, the company will prepare an arrangement within 12 hours for the 100 Maple Leaf purchase.

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