While it may be true that Carrie Fisher had a spotted past, struggling with drugs and various substances, her friends and family will attest to her fierce loyalty. She was always fighting against the status quo and, even in death, the stories about her continue to inspire men and women to never stop fighting against those who try to diminish your value or disrespect you in any way.

The most recent story circulating is about the time Fisher hand-delivered a cow tongue to “an Oscar-winning producer,” who had sexually assaulted her close friend, Heather Ross.

Ross works in the film industry and recently told the tale for the first time on the Tucson radio show 94.9 Morning Mix.

She shared how she reached out to the famous producer online with the intention of being able to work with him on his next project. A collaboration like that has the potential to launch the career of someone who’s just starting out in the industry. Ross explained how all the conversations they had prior to their meeting were completely innocent. She even went so far as to say she was overweight, confirming in her own mind that she would never be the target of sexual predators.

“I felt safe thinking, ‘I’m overweight, I’m not attractive to these people, I’m not looking to become an actress,’” Ross said.

Her worst fears were confirmed, however, when the producer forced himself on her at their first meeting. The traumatizing incident abruptly ended with him yelling at her to, “get the (expletive) outta my car,” and saying “you’ll never make a movie in my town.”

When Carrie Fisher found out, she was infuriated.

“Carrie Fisher, a lot of people said in the news after her passing that she was like a mother figure, that she took care of people, which she did,” Ross said. “She was very protective of me, and more scared for my safety than anything, and after that fear wore off about two weeks later, she sent me a message online. She was like, ‘I just saw blank at Sony Studios. I knew he would probably be there so I went to his office and personally delivered a Tiffany’s box wrapped with a white bow.’”

Carrie told Ross, “It was a cow tongue from Jerry’s Famous Deli in Westwood with a note that said, ‘If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box.’”

Ross ended by confirming just how wonderful of a person Fisher was.

“It felt validating to know that, okay, first of all, this woman who I love as a friend, was not just a fake Hollywood friend. She was true. She did that all on her own; I never even asked her for anything. But that’s what Carrie Fisher was. She spoke out.”

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