Two kittens have their blind raccoon friend to thank for their new lease on life.

One Illinois woman found an unlikely woodland friend in a blind raccoon that she charmingly named Blind Coon. He would wander into Eryn’s yard looking for food and she would deliver. Blind Coon enjoyed a series of meals throughout the day thanks to his human neighbor.

“His eyes shone bright green during the day. He was at least partially blind, walked into things, and was afraid of the wind, high grass, birds, and snow,” Eryn said.

Toward the end of October, the Blind Coon gained some furry friends — his own set of men in black if you will.

Two black kittens began following him around and the raccoon did what every good friend does — treat his pals to food. The three new friends made a regular routine of eating and retreating.

“The raccoon was around for at least five years before the kittens magically appeared in the woods,” Eryn explained. Soon enough Blind Coon passed away and the two kittens were left on their own. Given the average lifespan of raccoons being two to three years old, Blind Coon is a miracle.

Seeing the grief stricken felines, Eryn began taking the painful but necessary steps to tame them. Many scratches and much bloodshed later, Eryn had earned the trust and love of the kittens.

The adoption became official following the December 14th vet appointment to get the cats fixed and chipped. The adoption was a high point in the grieving process for both pets and human alike.

“Taming them helped me slightly cope with the loss of my mom and my 15-year-old cat within nine days of each other,” Eryn said. Before her mom fell ill, Eryn says her mom wanted to keep the kittens so they would be safe.

Thankfully Blind Coon led the kittens to Eryn who was able to provide them with their food-filled forever home.

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