It’s been proven many times that Ryan Reynolds is the king of comedy, witty remarks, and expert trolling. He and Hugh Jackman have had a Twitter “feud” going on for quite some time and fans can’t get enough of the love/hate bromance.

Well now it appears he has moved on from Jackman to his lovely and always charming wife, Blake Lively. On her birthday this past August, Reynolds posted a photo of the two of them to his Instagram page with the sweet caption, “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.” The catch was that he had almost entirely cropped her out of the photo. Did Lively then lower herself to his level in an act of retaliation? Yes. Yes, she did…

For her husband’s 41st birthday this week, Lively posted a fantastic photo of Ryan to her social media accounts. The picture of Ryan’s handsome face and sultry smize was captioned, “Happy birthday, baby.” There’s no question it’s a great photo of him…except for one little detail.

The photo is centered perfectly on not Ryan Reynolds but Ryan Gosling, with Reynold’s face barely visible in the corner. The master was bested by the student in this perfect act of revenge, and fans everywhere loved the subtle diss. Here’s hoping Lively steps up her game and brings some more friendly husband/wife banter to the table.

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