Though the technology to cryogenically freeze a living human being does not exist yet, a Russian cryonics company is attempting to put all the moving pieces in place so they can try when the time comes.

KrioRus has been around since 2005, and was formed with the intention of developing technology that would boost both human intelligence and physical ability during the Russian Transhumanist Movement. But now, their sights have turned towards cryonics services, and they’ve already begun practicing the preservation aspect of it.

For the time being, it is neither possible nor legal to attempt to cryogenically freeze a living person, but that hasn’t stopped KrioRus from practicing on some deceased mammals in their own country.

On their website, they call themselves “the first company outside the USA that offers cryonics services, including cryoconservation and storage.” KrioRus also claims to have already cryonized 50 human patients and another 20 animals, which we will assume were all dealt with humanely after they had passed away.

These cryogenically frozen individuals are preserved in liquid nitrogen, and are simply waiting for technological advances to arrive to see if they can actually be resurrected, whenever that time may come.

But the company will have to escape the biggest legal restriction that exists, which is establishing a location in which cryogenics can actually be practiced on a living being. Although some countries actually have laws that already make it legal, it is largely unacceptable in the rest of the world. And that can only be changed if euthanasia is permitted.

KrioRus is actually aspiring to find some sort of bunker location in Switzerland, where euthanasia is legal, allowing them to open the world’s first cryonization facility that would allow the terminally ill to be frozen, hoping that this will one day give these patients the ability to be brought back to life and treated appropriately.

This entire concept is completely hypothetical for now, but with a business like KrioRus already having big plans for the future, it’s no telling when this sort of futuristic medical practice will become a reality. But considering that preserving a human body by freezing it is a long way from happening, we’ll have to see if the world will morally accept this unusual practice.

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